TVO run a variety of training events and workshops for issue based groups and organisations. These include:

  • Applied Theatre

  • Theatre of the Oppressed (different workshops on Forum Theatre, Image Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, Acting & Directing techniques)

  • Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)

  • Reflective Practise

  • Abuse – working with survivors or/and perpetrators

  • CBT Techniques

  • Stages of grief

  • Building a successful team

  • Bullying

  • Body Language

  • Trauma

If you are interested in the above or workshops tailored to your organisation's specific needs, then please contact us.

“ We didn’t think it would be so much fun”

‘I didn’t really know the others, even though we’re all in the same building. After the workshop we went upstairs and carried on chatting and had food’

‘I felt lighter, like I could see things differently’

“I had no idea my colleagues were coping with so much stuff. It’s changed how we do things."

Our workshop leaders and facilitators come from many different backgrounds and experiences. They are all trained in the techniques and bring their own additional skills.