Til Death - Comments

‘I saw the play til death do us part by your company. My father was abusive to my mother all of my childhood. I came ready to hate the play and the performances, but really I had a life changing experience. The script is scarily accurate, totally believable. The actors brilliant sensitive and understanding. As the director said after there is no black and white here. I left the play and called my father. I spoke to him for the first time in 7 years. Thank you.

‘I have no words to describe it, an experience unlike any other I have ever had in a theatre’.

‘It is so accurate, as someone who experienced this it meant a lot how the material was handled. Sensitive, accurate, disturbing and cathartic, all at the same time’.

‘The most disturbing aspect is that the play is presented in a way that audience allegiance shifts all the time. That’s a shock, you think you will clearly side with the ‘victim’ but it’s really not that simple’.

‘I like that we are seeing an imperfect relationship from both sides. Feeling sympathy for the abuser as well as thevictim’

‘Great mix of darkness and light’.