Behind The Mask

A BIG thank you to @The National Lottery Community Fund Wales for our successful grant funding so that we can help our community through our new project ‘Behind the Mask’.

A huge thank you to everyone who plays the National Lottery for raising this money for good causes like ours.

Would you like to join us on our new project?

As we start preparing for the launch of our new project ‘Behind the Mask’ we would like to hear from you. We have many opportunities to be involved – as a participant, a volunteer, a peer mentor, training with us to facilitate the work we do. If you are interested reach out and let us know.

Behind the Mask is a follow on from the award-winning Behind the Label project also supported by a National Lottery’s Community grant. Behind the Mask is targeted primarily at those who have or are experiencing homelessness in its many and varied forms, but we are also looking at how Covid has exasperated the issues many face such as addictions, mental health, loss, as well as looking at how our ability to communicate with one another has been affected by restrictions that can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties reading people ‘behind a mask’. Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have experienced changes to our lives which include mask-wearing. For many this has brought new difficulties for many who already felt marginalised by society.

We have created a project that looks at the issues raised by all of these things in issue-based groups and how it has had a knock on effect on mental health and feelings of acceptance in society. This will take the form of workshops (virtual and physical) and creation of short films with people discussing their experiences to share with others and including a creative fun element also. We also use workshops to teach body language and expression to help with overcoming the barriers to reading facial expressions and being misunderstood.

Through the workshops we create a series of short films which can be used in other settings. Our work challenges people’s assumptions about this community and the community’s assumptions about themselves and their capabilities.