Dr Jennifer S Hartley

Dr Jennifer Hartley is an award winning director, writer, humanitarian and Applied Theatre Practitioner who has received global recognition for her work in Applied Theatre and as an international speaker and human rights activist. An international practitioner, Jennifer lectures in Applied Theatre therapeutic approaches at universities in both the UK and abroad.

She specialised in Applied Theatre working extensively with Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed after years of training and working with Boal across three continents. Jennifer's work has led to a number of studies and publications.

She regularly works on various Applied Theatre projects around the world tackling a variety of issues, and is the founder and director of the award winning charity Theatre versus Oppression (TVO) and co-founder and director of Multi Story Media Ltd. whose credits include a 13 part documentary series working with torture victims in South America using Applied Film and a docufilm set in the UK about human trafficking, as well as a various projects working with homelessness, mental health and addictions.

I have been involved in the arts world for over 20 years, as a performer, radio presenter, and facilitator, delivering lyric-writing and music production workshops, and theatre production programmes for young people. I have worked extensively in the area of Creative Learning and Community, running the award winning Acting Out Cardiff programme at Sherman Theatre, and delivering in-depth schools based theatrical learning programmes. I have trained with, and volunteer for Theatre Versus Oppression, and work currently as the Senior Producer for Creative Learning at Wales Millennium Centre, founding the youth led station Radio Platfform. As vice chair for Youth Arts Network Cymru, and a trustee for Cardiff based arts company Fio, my work as a freelancer focusses primarily around championing diversity in the arts, highlighting the lack of equality and representation.

Jason Camilleri

Shireen Al-Salihi

Shireen was born in Swansea, to a Welsh mother & Iraqi father.

She studied Drama & English at Loughborough University, and then went on to train at East 15 Acting school. A keen interest in Applied Theatre and the work of Augusto Boal throughout her studies led her to train with TVO in Cardiff.

Over the last 10 years she has worked as both an actor and facilitator for TVO in various projects. Shireen has been heavily involved in the acclaimed Behind The Label and Behind the Mask.

Joy has experience of traditional theatre as an actor, director and stage-manager. She also enjoys helping to create new work which pushes the boundaries of what we understand to be theatre.

Having also worked in the field of support, with clients experiencing domestic abuse, homelessness and substance misuse, Joy has seen first hand the positive effects involvement in the arts can have on people's lives.

Involvement in theatre which combines social conscience with new, exciting ways of performing is where she is most content.

Joy Coughlan

Andrea Hodges

Andrea has over 20 yrs of experience working in theatre and education. She is currently programme leader for the foundation degree in performing arts at Cardiff and Vale college. Her interests lie in physical theatre practices as well as applied drama and she has worked with TVO since 2009 as a facilitator and actress. In 2018 Andrea also qualified as a psychotherapist and counsellor, skills which she currently utilises as an educator .