There are various ways you can support the work that TVO is doing. Apart from general donations we have various projects in Africa that need specific support:
Right to Learn
Supporting a child through kindergarten and primary school, including feeding the child, providing medical support and all school items from clothing to notebooks. This enables the child to study at the Coburwas Learning Centre which provides the best education in the refugee camp as well as feeding the children throughout the day to ensure a better learning environment. Coburwas teachers also coordinate with families to ensure children, especially orphans are placed in good homes and given the familial support they need.
Sponsoring a child through this costs a monthly payment of £35 or an annual payment (required inn January of each year) of £400.
New Hope Theatre Group
Monetary donations and supplies to enable the group to continue their work throughout the camp and in DRC teaching and educating through applied theatre.
Cosmos Football team
This is a team run by Coburwas who play in a local league and promote sport for the healthy development of children. They desperately need football boots and team strips.
Medical Supplies
We have Red Cross trained refugees working on the ground in the camp although medical supplies are rare or non-existent. Bandages and dressings, antiseptic wipes and creams and paracetamol are among the things most urgently needed.
Coburwas Learning Centre
The school which offers quality education and a supportive learning environment is constantly in need of supplies. In addition the building is incomplete so any funds that can support the completion would be most welcome.
If you are interested in supporting any of the above please contact us at