Right to Learn was established in August 2009 to help students in the camp in particularly difficult home situation gain an education. For the children to get out of the camp they go to boarding school in the nearest town. It is basic but they have a mattress to sleep on, food, healthcare and a good education. This gives them a great opportunity and is a much improved life compared to that of the camp. It costs 600 dollars a year for 7 years of primary and 800 dollars a year for 6 years of secondary school.  A Direct Debit can be set up for just $50 per month or for one single payment of $600.  It is a big commitment to agree to support a child but it truly does change lives.  If you are interested in sponsoring a child, please contact us at theatreversusoppression@gmail.com

For many in the camp education is impossible; the schools which exist are overcrowded and provide little opportunities. COBURWAS is the exception but at present they are only able to offer school to kindergarten level. Until such times as COBURWAS can build new school buildings the plan is to send these students to the nearest town to stay at boarding school.


Right To Learn - Fundraising

How you can help fundraise?

There are a number of ways you can help raise funds for the Right to Learn Scheme.

Plant Sale – buy your plants from us!
Volunteer Emily and her mum have set up their own Plant Sale for the next 12 months to raise money to help sponsor children on the Right to Learn programme. 

To sponsor a child - which covers guardianship, education, clothing, food and healthcare - costs £400 per year. They have hundreds of plants for sale. Below is a link to some of the plants that are available to order.

List of Plants for Sale

Place an order online and they will deliver around Cardiff and Newport. Emaitvomail.lists@gmail.com