Theatre versus Oppression is an international group of individuals assembled without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation or physical limitation. It is a collective of educators, counsellors, theatre workers and artists working with theories of dramatherapy, counselling and the theories of Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed. To this end the organization works with educational establishments, health care workers, governments and international human rights organizations, as well as individuals to develop training and provide support for specific situations. Interactive theatre & the arts in general are used as a tool to organise, analyse and explore resolutions to situations and alternative approaches. Theatre versus oppression challenges discrimination and injustice at any level and aims to develop communities who help to create a better and more peaceful living environment through intercultural understanding and respect.

We seek to integrate the cultural arts into communities and as a way of creating community. In this way we aim to aid individuals and organizations in their efforts to activate and animate their communities empowering people to take an active role as functioning members of their communities. We offer alternatives for those who wish to discover non-violent ways of making social change and affecting social justice. By so doing we interpose art, artists and peacemakers between individuals and groups who are engaged in conflict be it personal/social/political.